Fake DMCA Report to Domain


I received a Fake DMCA report to my domain from a fradulant company and it was forarded to my hosting provider at 3 AM and given 24 hours notice until suspension because of what I was accused of.

This report is obviously fake and a few simple google searches proves that it is.

My website has been down all day because of this and I don’t see a way to get things resolved anytime soon.

The report I received was “This poster is pulling info from our clients FB pages and reposting on the internet to lure people in.
The reported domain is using K-Love’s Trademark name, logo, and hosting a phishing login website. This URL is illegally posing as K-Love which is a subsidiary of our client. This is causing confusion among our client’s followers. Our client Educational Media Foundation doesn’t own this domain. We request this domain name be unregistered and removed. This web page could be used for phishing, credential harvesting, malware distribution, or other internet crimes.”

From the Company ZeroFox with a domain that doesn’t even load “hostingabusereporting.com” sending in some vague email with wild accusations…

Aparently nobody checked the website to determine this is bogus. Does Cloudflare not ask for anything but relays information and then becomes quiet while both of you try to figure things out?

The text even reads “Our client Educational Media Foundation doesn’t own this domain” but they added ascii characters between doesn [here] 't three of them to i guess make you overlook it?

The reporter ‘James Christopher’ is a company that appears to be sending fake DMCA notices to others. Did you guys take action because I was acused of “phishing, credential harvesting, malware distribution, or other internet crimes” ? What does that even mean? It “sounds good” I guess?

I am so confused as to what is going on and have been trying all day to recitfy this situation and I cannot. I’ve had the same host and website for over a decade and my provider is PhoenixNap.

Can somebody help me understand what is going on and offer me any advice? My IP has been Nullrouted because of the accusations and i’m afraid to take the server back online.

I think this is a priority issue ;/

This is correct. Cloudflare just forwards any DMCA request on to you. Your host may have received a report redirectly and took action.

I understand… Maybe with my post Cloudflare could see that there is Fake DMCA notices and make more priority for this to not forward bogus things to others. It’s truly been something no small business should bare. The Ascii character’s saying Doesn [324]'t and other flags should have done an investigation or flagged the report. If not, please make this a future request.

CF doesn’t interfere on any DMCA/report related matter unless its… very serious and requires immediate attention.

I’d say this is a problem that’s coming from your host; they usually want owners to answer quickly in order to keep the reputation of their IPs excluded from abuse databases.

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Yes, but Cloudflare is like half of the internet…

So if they are Aware - they lead by example. Heck, it could even be a future service…

If you look into my complaint, you will see how it was some “sly guy” trying to trick you guys. You relayed the message, I get it. I’m not mad. But you COULD do more…

I get what you are saying and I am not trying to argue.

I am just saying that it’s happening and that you guys could maybe partner with dmca dot com or something. Sometihing to make what happened to me, not happen. The 3 AM notice basially gave me no time (some vague email sending to my thousands of emails) I check those every few days… I’ve now setup an alert, hopefully it comes from the same place?

Maybe include the DMCA for “ips that have logged into cloudf’are” a message on top saying you have a CRITCAL ALERT. I don’t know.

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