Fairly strange caching behavior

Hi all, I have a fairly strange behavior. We have a business plan for our website chinafitter.com (runs on a wordpress, no additional caching plugin is installed at the time of writing this.

7 month ago, I added a Cloudflare app for a fly in overlay on the bottom left (the CTA button has a blue border). At some point after that, I change the text of the fly in button (inside the Cloudflare app menu).
A few weeks back I had to disable that, and last week I activated it again (the CTA button has a red border color now!).
So in total there were different version of the fly in button (2 times with blue CTA, one with red CTA border color).

Now I realized that the front page does not show the latest version (only when I log in to wordpress as admin, then I see the latest version).

When I open the website on different browsers (incognito) and devices, it shows the old version of the website with the old fly in button (blue border, thats how I recognize it), but it shows the fly in button 2 times !
Now it gets even stranger: When I activate the development mode, it still shows me the (old blue) fly in button with an old version of the website.

How can Cloudflare cache this old version including the overlay button? I only could think of the “always online”, but I deactivated that and purged all files many times already.
Also in “pause” mode, it still shows me that version.

What am I doing wrong? Thanks for your help.

Hi this has been solved. Please delete.

It may help to know what the resolution was. Can you post it?