Fairly old meta post needs moderation action

Ok, so I was scrolling through the #meta posts (cause I’m bored and I wanted to see what the early days of Cloudflare were like)

I then came across this thread!

And, yes, I did reply (telling him to “calm down”)

But it started escalating from there

**The following posts have been flagged for moderator attention by myself (and I’m don’t think that action has been taken yet)

I am asking that one of the following actions be taken (despite the topic already being closed)!

  • The posts mentioned above are hidden or removed

  • The thread is archived

  • The thread is deleted

  • Moderation action (staff callout or official staff warning) is taken against the user!

And yes, I know this thread is over a year old (but regardless of how old a post is, if it violates community guidelines, it violates community guidelines! and action should be taken!

And I’m not trying to shame anyone, just sayin’ that action needs to be taken!

Now if action was taken, please let me know!

Also, if action is taken the “You flagged this post for …” should disappear, right?

If moderators wish, they can start a PM with me and we can talk more about this topic from there!

The topic was archived.

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