Failure to Show Users' IP Addresses

I added a subdomain like in Cloudflare and enable True-Client-IP Header function. Still, the log in Apache web server still shows the ip addresses of Cloudflare instead of client’s ones. Does True-Client-IP Header function support subdomain? How do I solve the problem?

I’m not familiar with the name of that function. What system calls it that? Anything that goes through Cloudflare will have these headers: “X-Forwarded-For” and “Cf-Connecting-IP”. It’s up to your web server to parse them for logging.

I am talking about the function True-Client-IP Header in the page Network in Cloudflare. I enabled it, but still find the ip addresses of Cloudflare in the web server.

Oh! That’s an Enterprise feature.

According to the below article, it sounds like the two headers I already mentioned…but smarter. Server still needs to parse it. If that still doesn’t help, contact your Enterprise rep, or open a support ticket.

Easiest fix is to add mod_cloudflare to your Apache config.

But I installed Apache in Windows server, but not Linux one. Any solutions?

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