Failure to load the SSL

My website works for some people, but not all. Personally, my website does not work on my home wifi, however if I go to my local coffee shop it works on there wifi. Also, most of the time if someone uses there mobile internet it usually works but not 100 percent. We had WPengine take a look at it and they said the issue is a failure to load the SSL that your host (us WP Engine) confirmed is set up correctly and doing what it should be doing.

What do you mean by “does not work”? Is there any error message?

Usually working in some locations and not others is due to DNSSEC not being updated when changing nameservers.

What is the domain?

Thank you for your reply. Here is my website :

I attached an error from chrome and safari

Your site isn’t proxied, so requests are going direct to WPEngine (who are using Cloudflare for your site).

Your site loads ok for me now, it looks like your SSL certificate there was generated about 9 minutes ago so should be working for you too now.

Are you asking why am I using cloudflare ? Someone referred it for added protection. So, I will need to get with my web guy and tell them my site needs to be proxied? I would like to know exactly what to say, I am not that computer savvy. Thank you in advance.

WPEngine uses Cloudflare already, do not enable the Cloudflare proxy in your account, stay on “DNS only” as unless you have an Enterprise plan, it will stop working…

I do not have the enterprise plan. Looking at the screenshot it looks like it is already set to DNS only. So will we need to disconnect cloudflare, because it is conflicting with the default cloudflare that already exist with wpengine?

If you leave it as DNS only, it will be ok. Just don’t proxy it.

Sorry If im a little slow, so my question is what do I tell my web guy. I thought I didn’t have any proxies, but you are telling me not to add any. I’m confused about that

Your site is working. You do not need to do anything.

This is the problem I am having. When I try to go on my own website on my home wifi, it does not work. I cleared the cache and cookies.

Do you have another connection you can try from? The site is working fine for me as I said.

That is my biggest issue. When i work with someone they say it pulls up on my end. But myself and some of my customers have the same issue as me. I can use my mobile hotspot, and it works. It can go on another wifi and it works.

sometimes it will also warn customers that my site is potential harmful, and they have to agree to get on. This issue is costing me so much money, and new customers get scared and think we are a scam

You’ll need to debug it on the machine and connection where you have the problem then. Your web guy should be able to help with that.

Thank you for your help!

can you test on another browser to see if it’s a safari issue?

also I suggest to check your DNS records carefully and make sure you do not have any duplicate A records.

I also noticed some other issues on your domain as well.
performance is terrible: Latest Performance Report for: | GTmetrix

You also have not setup email authentication for your domain, so it can be abused by spammers and criminals.
You can read more about that here, and scan your domain:

I checked. Google chrome is the same thing. Can I hire one of you guys to fix it. I need help