Failure in nameserver update

Hello everyone. I have a doubt. I received an email from my web hosting that change of nameservers failed due to expired and failure to approve the registrant. So in my cloudflare dashboard nameserver update is pending. Failure in name servers changing is due to my web hosting sending confirmation emails to an address that is no longer active. I had to submit a request to change my old address. Now I have a question. Can I leave the request pending with you and simply change name servers as soon as I get the email confirmation from my hosting? Or do I have to delete the site from cloudflare and re-enter it? I don’t know how time my web hosting takes to register the mail change. Best regards and welcome all to your kindly support.

May I ask you what is your domain name?

Moreover, did you changed your nameservers for your domain at your domain registar?

Yes I’ve made it but e-mail with link to authorization to change the nameservers could not arrive as it is no longer active. For this I am waiting for validation of new e-mail address which I will be asked to validate change of nameservers. Having already carried out this procedure, my status on the dashboard is pending. My question was precisely if when I’ll can change nameservers again with those given by cloudflare I can use the same ones. Or having passed some time, it is better to delete my domain and repeat the procedure again. That’s all. Best regards.

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