Failover DNS

If I am hosting a server and have two ISP’s how can ensure that my DNS server is pointed to a particular IP Address if one of the ISP’s has a failover. This was very easy to configure at my old hosting provider but I have not found a simple way to make it happen on with Cloudflare.

As an example. If I have one dns host entry, and two public IP’s, one for each of our ISP’s. and How can I ensure that dns is pointing to a particulr IP if one of our ISP’s is down for some reason?

Cloudflare does a quasi-roundrobin in DNS if you have multiple “A” records, and if one does not respond, Cloudflare will route visitors to the other.

If you want a more structured failover approach, then you’ll have to subscribe to the Load Balancing product.

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Thanks for the response. We do have separate A records set up so looks like we would be set up for the quasi-roundrobin failover. I have also tried the Load Balancing approach but it is confusing. How would Load Balancers, Pools and Origins apply in my example.

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