Failing to delete subdomain (zone) using API call

Using the following call I try to delete a previously created subdomain (zone). In a 1st step I reverted to full dns mode from partial, then removed the DNS TXT verification records in both the child and parent domain. Then I executed the below-mentioned API call when I keep getting and HTTP 400 bad request error accompanied with the following error message:

{“success”:false,“errors”:[{“code”:1314,“message”:“Please contact Cloudflare support to perform this action”}],“messages”:,“result”:null}

Did I execute the steps in the wrong order or is it always necessary to ask support this delete of previously joined domains?

*curl -i -k --proxy -X PUT “” *

Hi @raymond_bucher, is that an Enterprise zone you’re trying to remove? We had an issue where you could not delete enterprise domains/zones without downgrading them to business plans, but that was addressed. If you continue to receive the error, can you let Support know and share the ticket number here?

H cloonan

Yes, it is an Enterprise zone I tried to remove. A little earlier today I had a chat with a support engineer when he told that it might be necessary to change the plan to free what I just did a moment ago. Thereafter I could successfully drop the zone.

We are pretty new to Cloudflare, are in an early phase experimenting a bit. On the way I was successful in removing pending zones. But this time it was an active subdomain which was linked with its parent zone. I unlinked it by dropping the DNS TXT verification records. But the zone did not go into pending state as I expected it. So I assumed that it could not be deleted because of that. Perhaps the error message accompanied with the 400 http error might be a bit misleading.

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