Failing to Change Nameserver @ISP Server4you / Host Europe


checking failed…

checked domain:

Nameserver IPs
nameserver1 Cloudflare
nameserver2 Cloudflare


Severity Code Message / Parameters
Error 118 Inconsistent set of NS RRs (IP, NS host names)

for ara and beau

Common problem with German domains

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Thx 4 help.

Found this “solution” from a Cloudflare team member

There are a couple solutions here if your registrar puts you in this situation:

“1. You can wait and if the other zone doesn’t activate (e.g. they don’t change NS to their assigned nameservers) then Cloudflare will eventually remove the zone in the way and start responding for your zone. This can take some time however (multiple weeks from when the zone in the way was signed up, not your zone).
2. You can contact Cloudflare Support and tell them you are using a registrar which is strict and therefore you need them to confirm you are indeed the zone owner (through a TXT record set at your authoritative DNS). Once Support verifies ownership they can change your zone to be the one Cloudflare responds to. If you don’t set the TXT record they provide, they won’t make that change so do make sure to set the TXT record appropriately.”

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