Failing Google Mobile-Friendly Page Test - Random Results...we want to Eliminate CF as the Root Cause

Hello Cloudflare Community :blush:

I have a couple of questions. A short one and a detailed one….

How do I eliminate all Cloudflare caching and optimization so that I (or Google) can make a test of my site which totally bypasses Cloudflare? Is it merely enabling development mode? That’s it?

I’m using Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test to make sure our websites pass tests and render correctly

I’m seeing intermittent errors on all our sites, but a staging site we have (which is being redesigned with a new theme) seems to be getting the worst results. Here are a couple of sample results: <<< a straight-out fail – check the tested page > screenshot for awful rendering too <<< page “passes” the test, but the screenshot looks like it hasn’t rendered properly

Of course, the crawl fail error will happen because this one is a staging site, so I ignore that.

We also get a “Page is not mobile friendly” result a lot. Here it is in the LIVE site: – here you can see the errors: “Clickable elements too close together” and “Text too small to read”. I assume we get this error because of the awful rendered image in the screenshot.

The results are intermittent and sporadic. You could run the tests again straight after and each page would have opposite results. It’s all very random.

Almost every time however, the screenshot section looks awful – no matter what the official result

A “Google Expert” in the Google Community forum said that obviously having the mobile test result show as a fail was an issue, but even if it passes and the screenshot looks poorly rendered – that is an issue too, because this is how Googlebot sees the page.

This happens across our other sites too, but not to the same extent – note though that the screenshot issue is something that is seen across all our sites.

We have run competitor and other website URLs in the tool and most of the time they all pass and the screenshot section looks completely normal. It just seems to be us! Our sites have different themes and setups.

Under instruction of our theme provider (for the staging site above), we have disabled all caching plugins but still the issue persists. Our hosting provider says it is definitely not a server issue. They also suggested contacting Cloudflare support – so here we are – and this is our last resort.

Can anyone help me, it’s driving us mad!

Many thanks in advance :blush:

Pause Cloudflare on this site or :ngrey: the record should work

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Thanks. For the staging site I have changed staging. and www.staging. from “proxied” to “DNS only” so I assume that’s the same thing.

I’m not sure how to “pause Cloudflare”,

On the buttom in mobile and side bar in desktop

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Ok, so I have “paused” Cloudflare and checked in and can see the raw IP in that now.

I still get the rendering issues in the Mobile-Friendly test - Does this mean I have absolutely eliminated CF from the equation? Is there something else I need to look at in CF?


Yup you have now told Cloudflare not interfere in your business

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The only thing is the CF nameservers are being used…and CF points to the hosting IP from there I suppose

Ya, Cloudflare services are off if you pause it

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