Failing "Deploying to Cloudflare's global network" step

The build is completed and but the deployment is failing in global network. I’m using nextjs v14.1.2

|16:36:00.423|✨ Compiled Worker successfully|
|16:36:01.029|Found _routes.json in output directory. Uploading.|
|16:36:01.063|Validating asset output directory|
|16:36:02.731|Deploying your site to Cloudflare's global network...|
|16:36:07.370|Failed: an internal error occurred. If this continues, contact support:|
|16:36:07.370|Error: Failed to publish assets. For support, join our Discord ( or create a ticket and reference the deployment ID:

Can you share the deployment ID?

The Pages deployment ID is a unique build identifier.
It’s the UUID in the browser bar (for example, a URL would be where the deployment ID looks something like a398d794-7322-4c97-96d9-40b5140a8d9b).
This ID can help troubleshoot some issues with Pages builds so if you have a failing build make sure you grab that ID for the team to use.

@erisa-cf Recenty failing deployment ids