Failing CNAMEHostTest

Good morning,
I’m trying to change my nameserver on my website, but when I add the 2 nameservers, I encounter this error:

< test name=“CNAMEHostTest” status="FAILED "> Unresolvable host

Can somebody please help?
Thank you in advance

This issue has been discussed a million times, please use the search.

But essentially your mail hostname is not set up.

Thanks for the reply. I am sorry, I am very new to this field and some things are not easy to understand. I tried adding a record.

As IP I used one of the old IPs given by the hosting. Is that correct?

That setup should actually be all right.

Post a full page screenshot of the page where you got the error.

I just added the first line, I still have to try submitting the request again. Was not sure if the name I put was all right. Thank you for the quick support, I hope it works this time.

So the request worked this time. The problem is that I cannot reach my site anymore (This site can’t be reached, DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN). What is happening??

What did the search say?

I did add the A record with my domain name, as the search said, but I still had to put the SSL encryption mode to strict for the site to work! thank you!

You should use Strict anyhow, everything else makes your site insecure.

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