Failed to validate requested hostname *

I am trying to generate a certificate and get this error. Thanks to anyone who helps me!

hmm. wondering if this is because my name servers need to be switched to cloud flare?

Where are you trying to generate the Certifiate?

  1. At Cloudflare Dashboard?
  2. At your own Server for a Lets Encrypt certificate?
  3. At some other service?

Can you append some screenshots?

If at Cloudflare, yes you first have to point your NameServers to Cloudflare to use it. (Reference)
Please also keep in mind, that you will not be able to use the Certificate from Cloudflare without beeing routed through Cloudflare, as this is not a public certificate, but a Cloudflare specific one. So if you create a Certificate here for any other use then using it behind Cloudflare this might not work.

Right now it appears that your nameservers are tied to Namecheap still.		841	IN	NS		841	IN	NS

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