Failed to upload file batch. ⚠️Error: error sending request for url. operation timed out

I am trying to upload a static site, with around 1500 products (3000 counting both languages).

The total size of the project is around 1 gigabyte - each product page is maximum 310kb.

I am trying to use the wrangler package to upload to a worker site. But I keep getting this error:

:cyclone: Using namespace for Workers Site “__my-site-workers_sites_assets”
:cyclone: Uploading site files
Error: Failed to upload file batch. :warning: Error: error sending request for url ( operation timed out


My download/upload was for some reason 20 megabit - I restarted my PC, so I then had 300 mb up/down. I ran the script again, and puf, it works!