Failed to start the deployment due to an internal error

Hello. I’ve run into the error Failed to start the deployment due to an internal error which I have done before which I’m usually able to correct on my own through the local repository I’m deploying to but currently I’m unable to create new builds of existing sites hosted via Pages and only deploy new sites.

I believe the issue may stem from one of two things I did recently. The first may be when I deployed to Pages initially it was from the branch main which was not the default branch, master was at the time but in github I changed the default branch to main, that may be causing the issue. If it’s not changing the default branch it may be that I disabled cloudflare app in github and when I reenabled it I may have lost the ability to deploy, this did happen to me at netlify also and what I did was uninstall the netlify app in github and reinstalled and was able to deploy again. I did try that here with cloudflare, uninstalling and reinstalling but still no luck.

Would it be possible to see if there’s anything on Cloudflares end I can’t see that could help me get back up and running with existing pages sites? The most recent failed deployment was on Thank you!

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