Failed to request quick Tunnel

I’m trying to connect to Cloudflare quick Tunnel, using this command:
cloudflared tunnel --url localhost:8000 --loglevel debug
facing this error:

2022-01-29T09:05:08Z INF Thank you for trying Cloudflare Tunnel. Doing so, without a Cloudflare account, is a quick way to experiment and try it out. However, be aware that these account-less Tunnels have no uptime guarantee. If you intend to use Tunnels in production you should use a pre-created named tunnel by following:
2022-01-29T09:05:08Z INF Requesting new quick Tunnel on
failed to request quick Tunnel: Post "": dial tcp: lookup on no such host

I checked my internet and local app, both of them work.

Im Getting same issue!


We have restored the service for Quick Tunnels.
If you retry, it should work — you may need to evict the DNS cache of your computer, or wait a while longer for it to refresh DNS.

However, note that it comes with no uptime guarantees. It is just a way to experiment with Tunnels. But if you expect quality of service, you should create a Cloudflare Account and create your named tunnels:

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