Failed to register worker in local service registry

I’m having trouble running the local worker test from the docs, exactly as in the docs

I’ve built the simple hello-world worker using npm create cloudflare@latest

I’ve added vitest and the example test from:

On running the tests, the call to await unstable_dev("src/index.ts", ...) hangs, and the terminal running npm run dev has a bunch of errors, the first being:

Failed to register worker in local service registry TypeError: fetch failed

I can run the worker no problem from the browser at localhost:8787, but not the tests.

Any advice much appreicated.

I updated to [email protected] which got rid of that error!

But now I’m getting: workerd/jsg/jsg.c++:136: error: took recursive isolate lock; kj::getStackTrace() = 104958b8b 104e25047 104e38d4b 104e38ccf 10678f5c7 10528979b 10676e4cb 1067abbf7 1067679ab 106768a8b 104e495cf 106768983 10676577b 10570b337 106765ab3 10570afcf 10493785f 10676577b 10570ac83 10570ab0f 10570adc7 104eba873 104eb7fa7 104eb7ef7 104de26bf 104f8d9eb 1057f713f 1058ec777 10581bf87

but everything still runs so… ??

Same error for me on 3.17.0