Failed to redirect 404 to 301 - Bulk Redirect Lists - (API Request Failed 502)

Hi there,

I have one problem & one question regards bulk redirect.


I tried to bulk redirects for some 404 urls but the process failed, and it says API Request Failed 502.
This is my first time to make redirects, and I need your help to fix this problem

Screenshot below with an example of an a URL I try to redirect.


I am using blogger as my CMS. And the URLS I am trying to redirect are articles I permanently deleted from my blogs & pages sections.

That’s why I downloaded a CVS of all the 47 URLS give 404 from Search console. And I am planning to make 3 bulk redirect lists for the 47 URLS (because I see the bulk list allows only 20 items on Cloudflare).

So my question:

Is there any way better for SEO to deal with 404 pages?



This is a gentle reminder to help me in my request.


You could just remove any links on the site that point to the old 404 pages, then remove those same URLs from Google’s index from inside Search Console

I wonder if the error you’re getting is caused by a limit of the plan? The way I understand the first chart on this page - [Preformatted text]( - you can only have a total of 20 redirected URLs if you’re on the free plan. Can someone from Cloudflare confirm that I’m understanding this correctly?

That’s also my understanding.

An alternative, since the OP seems to want to redirect URLs to the homepage of a domain, is to use a single static Redirect Rule.

When incoming requests match...
URI Path equals `/page1` 
URI Path equals `/page2`
OR etc.


Redirect Type Static URL


Also agree. From Google’s perspective, this will only swap errors. From 404s, OP will start getting Soft 404 warnings: Crawl Errors now reports soft 404s  |  Google Search Central Blog  |  Google Developers