"Failed to read certificate from Database (Code: 1101)"

Noticed that someone posted this issue here:

But the ticket was automatically closed without a valid solution.

Same problem: I try to revoke a certificate and get “Failed to read certificate from Database (Code: 1101)”.

Anybody knows how this can be fixed?

And no, time does not solve the issue.


Hi, sorry for the issue you’re hitting. I noticed you have a ticket with Support, can you respond to the reply you received with a bit more information?

Can you to attempt to replicate this issue using an API call to revoke the same certificate? Some details here, Cloudflare API v4 Documentation

When an agent gets to your ticket they’ll ask for a HAR file. It needs to include the loading the page, the loading of the list of origin certificates, and the requests issued when you click to revoke the certificate:

Hi Cloonan,
Thanks for the feedback.
I generated the HAR file and I tried to use the API (not a developer) but it gave me an error {“success”:false,“messages”:,“errors”:[{“code”:1015,“message”:“Invalid serial number. Please provide a valid certificate serial number when operating on a single certificate”}],“result”:{},“result_info”:{“count”:0,“total_count”:0}}.
I will share the HAR file with support.

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