Failed to lookup registrar for freenom

The same domain name from freenom(.tk & .cf), I can add it on other DNS, but can’t be added on cloudflare; the same domain name(.com & .xyz), I can add it on other DNS, can also be added. now you said, Freenom’s WHOIS is broken ? I can’t understand.

Freenom’s WHOIS is not completely broken

I just tested it out and yeah it loads occasionally, but still not stable.


But we aren’t able to successfully occasionally add domain,lol.

I think so,although the freenom’s whois is not stable, but it is still working. how do you explain the freenom’s domain name can be added on the other DNS platform?

They are not performing verification. For instance, I tried ClouDNS to add a domain, it will allow me to add any domain including the non-existent ones.

Has anyone tried emailing freenom about this?

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