Failed to lookup registrar and hosting information with domain

hello everyone,
i have a problem with adding domains to cloudfare
I already read much topics about this problem but the answer was that the nameservers don’t work but i searched on dnscheckert and al lookup great, also the whois lookup is good, it works on all whois sites and
I also followed the community tips (Community Tip - Fixing Failed to lookup registrar and hosting information Code: 1110)
and even switched to a different dns provider
here is the link to the whois lookup and nameservers

whois: Whois Lookup Captcha
nameserver: DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool

I hope someone can help me with this
Best regards
Jurian Post

Is it a freenom domain? If so the domain is registered under a TLD which is governed by the Freenom registry. Freenom currently experiences issues with their Whois service which prevents such domains from being added to Cloudflare. Freenom needs to fix that on their side. Unfortunately there is no ETA known for that.

It probably is best to register a proper domain instead. They already go for less than $10 a year.

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Yes, it is a freenom domain, I tried it with different domain extensions, but in another post they says the whois is down but i can reach and lookup it

Also with I can lookup it
Whois Lookup Captcha

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