Failed to lookup registrar and hosting information of [mydomain].cl at this time. Please contact Cloudflare Support or try again later

I’m simply trying to connect my .cl domain from its stone age registrar to my website which was made with a website builder that requires CNAME and A records to configure.

I was told a need a DNS server as an intermediary, but when I try to add my domain to cloudfare in order to then add the records, I get this error (attached):

The stone age registrar does not allow to add the CNAME and A records directly to its dashboard. Only the name servers.

Thanks in advance.

Not that we didn’t have the same question just yesterday :wink:

haha thanks! Will delete this if I manage to solve it once reading others!

I removed the name server from the registrar to leave it as it was once first purchased. It now says simply:

That is also an error which can be found via the search :wink:

It is now giving the first error again. “Failed to lookup…”

Getting this on Trace and Dig:

Any ideas what to do next?

I just want to connect a simple Square Space site to a domain I already own that only has name server as input for configuration:

whereas Square Space only allows adding CNAME and A records for configuration.

That’s all I need.

Surprised by your dig output as I do not get these nameservers. But anyhow, the output itself already explains why you get the error message and point #5 in the article elaborates on that.

I’m not technical. do you mean this point 5? " Go to this DNS testing site and select the ‘Trace’, enter your domain name in the field on the left and then click the ‘Dig’ button. If you still see output that demonstrates your current name servers cannot be found/resolved, you won’t be able to add the domain." ?

What’s the solution in that case? It’s just a simple website to connect to a domain. Can it really be this complicated?

Precisely that point.

If you still see output that demonstrates your current name servers cannot be found/resolved, you won’t be able to add the domain.

That line explains why you get the error. You simply need valid nameservers.

Thanks. What are valid nameservers and how do I get them?

The exact same test is now resulting in

and we’re back to

It just jumps from one error to the other randomly apparently.

From your host, your registrar, anybody who provides them. Contact either of them, but your domain needs to have responding nameservers before you can add it.

it no longer says it couldn’t be reached. the new screenshot shows something else. problem is cloudfare still throws an error. a different one now, as shown above.

You still don’t have valid nameservers. The error message is irrelevant, you need proper nameservers.

You probably best contact your host and point your domain first to the nameservers they gave you for your hosting package.

Thanks. They say they don’t use nameservers. Only the CNAME and A records. Does that make sense or should they still give me nameservers?

To be clar, the website is not at is only the domain I bought from the registrar. The registrar does not have DNS server capability. They offer only domain registration.

What I need is a DNS server, I believe, that I can connect my domain to, in whose dashboard I can enter the CNAME and A records to connect to SquareSpace, which is the host.

An A record requires a nameserver. Either your host or your registrars needs to provide that. Contact them for more information.

None of them do. The registrar said “use a DNS server for that”, the host said they don’t offer nameserver, only CNAME and A record connection to an already functioning DNS server.

I thought cloudfare was a dns server provider. That middle part is what I’m trying to get. Does cloudfare offer that? If not, do you know who does?

Basically the registrar allows me to input only a nameserver, and the host allows me to input only CNAME and A records. I need something to go in between.

Your host should offer nameservers, otherwise their services cannot be used. You best change host.

You could also look into but your host should still offer nameservers.

And yes, Cloudflare does provide DNS services but in order to set up the domain you first need valid nameservers in he first place.

I’m using SquareSpace, the website builder. One the most used in the world.

They say

" My domain provider is asking me to use Squarespace’s nameservers

Last updated July 9, 2015

Squarespace doesn’t use nameservers for connecting domains. Instead, we use two CNAME Records and four A Records . To connect your domain, you’ll need to keep your nameservers set to your provider’s default settings. You’ll also need full access to your domain’s DNS (Domain Name System) records to add CNAMEs and A records.

If you can’t access your domain’s DNS records, you may need to contact your domain provider or transfer your domain to a provider that allows for full DNS access."

When I go to godaddy, namecheap, googledomains, none of them allow transfering a .cl domain.

It seems crazy that connecting a domain is this complicated. Should I open an account at, then another at cloudfare, and then connect all 4 things together?