Failed to lookup registrar and hosting information of (domain) at this time

I know this have been asked a lot, but I didn’t find answer.

I can’t add my domain to Cloudflare. It says “Failed to lookup registrar and hosting information of (domain name) at this time. Please contact Cloudflare Support or try again later.”. I also can’t contact support (probably because I’m a free account) - support page sends me here.

I went to domain registrant and changed name servers to point to Cloudflare, but CF still says “Failed to…”. I tried with another (random) domain - it went well.

Any ideas how to fix this?


You cant do this, until you have added the domain actually to Cloudflare. Switch back to your previous nameservers and make sure they properly respond for your domain.

It was like that. When buy domain they set some default servers. I wasn’t able to add domain with these (default) servers. I changed them to CF today to test it, but still no luck.

Well, whats your domain and have you changed back the servers yet?

The domain is I tried even to put other custom name servers and then go back in CF - still doesn’t work.

This domain was previously (one year ago) on CF and I think this is the problem. Maybe it’s not completely removed (or there some cached records for it).

The nameservers you chose do not respond for your domain, they dont even resolve.

Yes. Because they are pointing to CF right now.

This works on any other domain, but not on this one. So, I think that is because of the domain name.

They are not. They are pointing to servers.


Also nslookup returns clint & michelle.

$ dig NS		345600	IN	NS		345600	IN	NS

Fix your nameservers and you’ll be able to add the domain.

So, the problem is at the registrar? I’ve changed them (as it’s seen in whois) but they haven’t publish them yet. Ok. Thanks for the help - I’ll contact the domain registrar then.

It could be the registry or registrar or simply a timing issue. It might take some time to actually propagate everywhere.

Point your domain to valid nameservers (neither Cloudflare nor your current ones will work), wait a couple of hours, then check whois and DNS, and if everything works try to add it. In this case it should go through.

@sandro, thank you. I’ve contacted them, they fixed it and published CF’s domains and I was able to add the domain.

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