Failed to lookup registrar and hosting information - Freenom

pulling my hair off this worked fine 3 days ago not now see attached!!!

The Search is a very useful function in this forum. Please use it.

nope none of those are showing a solution, already checked, it is something wrong with cld flare, had the same process 3 days ago no issues at all.??? can you explain that?

The solution:

There’s nothing the community can do.

Thanks for that message didn’t comb them very well, ok now i got it :), do you have any recomendation that gives 12months free like freenom?

I think Freenom is the only registrar that provides free domain registration for .cf, .tk, .ga, .ml and .gq in the market. So for now, the only thing we can do is wait.

But, if you just want to have a DNS management system without the CDN, DDoS protection and some other Cloudflare features, you can consider ClouDNS.

Thanks mate, will try that now.

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paid for one all sorted thanks.

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