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Hello everyone. Yesterday I registered a new domain on Freenom:
I hosted my website files on 000webhost and the domain is parked there as well.

Here’s my problem though, I need to add an SSL certificate from cloudflare. The domain works perfectly fine but when I try to add a site on cloudflare it is saying this:

Failed to lookup registrar and hosting information of at this time. Please contact Cloudflare Support or try again later.

I need a little helping hand here because I have no idea how to fix this issue, I tried hosting a website somewhere else and trying again but it still doesn’t work on cloudflare. Please help me out.

You need to have your certificate on your server before you add the domain to Cloudflare. So you best fix that first.

What do you mean in having a certificate on my server? Last time I had the same case I registered a domain on Freenom, went to cloudflare added that domain and then got an SSL certificate from here. But this time it is showing me this error.

Then you have a broken setup there.

Your site needs to work on HTTPS before you add it to Cloudflare.

And how exactly do I do that if you don’t mind giving me directions?

Go to and get a certificate from there.

That’s not strictly Cloudflare related though, but general server administration. Your site simply needs to work on HTTPS before you even consider Cloudflare.

You can’t directly install the private key and a certificate to 000webhost free service, that’s why I’m using the Cloudflare for a certificate…

Then you best change your host if your host does not support a basic feature such as SSL.

Point is, your site needs to be secure before you add it to Cloudflare, as I already mentioned.

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