Failed to load (status of 404) Image Link wrong path

Hi everyone, i’m facing a problem with a link of an imagem thats sending status 404, the path is obviously wrong and i think is because of cloudflare, as you can see on this 2 pictures below. This link image doesn’t even exist in my library. I don’t know whats this, actually.

In Waterfall page speed loads, its make the website slow in 2 secs, its really messing with performance. Can anyone help? What can i do to kill this links?

I’ve tried the files manager, but i cant find this link file… the only workaround is making a 301 redirect. But still the website has to wait a few seconds loading for this redirect, and its not that helpful.

The HTML from your origin server doesn’t include a path for that image. Cloudflare isn’t changing your code for that <image> tag:

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Thanks for the reply sdayman!

Can you tell me how can i include a path for that image?

Or even better… how can i exclude this?

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