Failed to load resource

So I guess I updated a lot of plugins via wordpress and somehow something went broken. I’ve already disabled the plugin autoptimize, but for some reason it still continues to show as an error. I’m wondering then if theres something that can be done through Cloudflare that may fix this issue or may perhaps be Cloudflare related?

So everytime I dump my website data, It always goes to this broken version of my site, but after refreshing the website once my site somehow fixes itself (Its easier to accomplish this on incognito mode)

Any input would be great!



It might be worth clearing the cache from Cloudflare for the site.
Clearing the cache will increase the load time as Cloudflare needs to rebuild the cache

Thanks for the reply! I’ve already purged my entire site multiple times with no change seen! Perhaps it might be the way my cache and custom page rules settings?

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