Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 524

This error Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 524 showed only on checkout page. Any solution?

Usually how long your server needs to process a checkout page? Is it more than 100 seconds?

Actually I don’t know that. how can I find it?

What’s the URL? Also, look below for some troubleshooting steps that may help!

Error 524: a timeout occurred

Error 524 indicates that Cloudflare successfully connected to the origin web server, but the origin did not provide an HTTP response before the default 100 second connection timed out.

Enterprise customers can increase the 524 timeout up to 600 seconds.

Resolution Contact your hosting provider to exclude the following common causes at your origin web server:

  • A long-running process on the origin web server.
  • An overloaded origin web server.

Logging request response time at your origin web server helps identify the cause of resource slowness. Contact your hosting provider or site administrator for assistance in adjusting log formats or search for related logging documentation for your brand of web server such as Apache or Nginx.

If you regularly run HTTP requests that take over 100 seconds to complete (for example large data exports), move those processes behind a subdomain not proxied (grey clouded) in the Cloudflare DNS app.

If error 524 occurs for a domain using Cloudflare Railgun, ensure the lan.timeout is set higher than the default of 30 seconds and restart the railgun service.

I talked with the hosting provider they said everything is okay at their end. What can I do ? Is there any way to disable cloudflare for any individual url?

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