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Hi team,

I am using Cloudflare APO for my WordPress site, and I am experiencing an issue where Cloudflare is blocking my URL (/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php?source=best_selling&number=8&layout=grid&style=grid-01&include_term_ids%5B%5D=60&loop_settings%5Bstyle%5D=grid-01&loop_settings%5Bcaption_style%5D=01&loop_settings%5Bshow_price%5D=0&loop_settings%5Bshow_variation%5D=0&loop_settings%5Bshow_category%5D=1&loop_settings%5Bshow_brand%5D=0&loop_settings%5Bshow_rating%5D=0&loop_settings%5Bshow_availability%5D=0&loop_settings%5Bshow_stock_bar%5D=0&loop_settings%5Bthumbnail_size%5D=full&action=get_product_tabs). If I try to pause Cloudflare, it works fine without any issues. I tried to add rules with a WAF custom rule using Hostname and URI Path, but after that, I am getting a 4XX bad request error. How can I allowlist my particular blocked URL? I am looking to fix my issue.

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