Failed to load resource for cloudflare stream

Some users on our site are seeing an error where Cloudflare videos fail to load, and the console logs show a net::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID error message.

We are using the${cloudflareVideoUid}/manifest/video.m3u8 link for each video based on Cloudflare’s recommendation due to the international policy issue that happened a few months ago where the domain was blocked.

I’m personally unable to reproduce the issue on our production site. Screenshot attached is from a user in Bangkok, Thailand.

This usually means that something on their network (Like a blocking system typically) is rewriting the request and replacing the certificate, potentially to load a block page.

Without knowing details about the certificate being served (By getting someone who can repro the problem to visit the stream url in their browser and check the certificate issuer of the site) there isn’t a whole lot that can be done to debug this further.

Thanks for the info Erisa! Yeah my initial thought was that it could be something on Cloudflare’s end with their certificates in different regions perhaps, but we haven’t heard more instances of this in the past 24 hours so I’m thinking its something to do with the user’s config