Failed to get zone (Code: 1102)


When I click the analytics tab I get the error message “Failed to get zone (Code: 1102)”, and I cannot see any of the analytics. My website is online and working okay, and Cloudflare says that the status is active in the Overview tab. I have a free account with Cloudflare. I am using Cloudflare DNS nameservers (if that is even relevant). I cannot find any reference to this error code or any explanation of what it might mean anywhere, so I hope someone here can help. This is the first time I’ve seen this error so maybe it is some temporary thing?

API Request Failed: GET /api/v4/zones//dashboard (502)

It seems Analytics is having some issues at the moment. If the error persists, I’d open a support ticket.


Okay, thanks for your reply. If others are having the same issue I’ll just wait and hopefully a fix will be forthcoming. For such a great product for free I can’t complain much. Perhaps Cloudflare could consider making their errors a little less cryptic or provide better links to information to reduce support tickets in the future.