Failed to get zone (Code: 1102)

When I click the analytics tab I get the error message “Failed to get zone (Code: 1102)”, and I cannot see any of the analytics. My website is online and working okay, and Cloudflare says that the status is active in the Overview tab. I have a free account with Cloudflare. I am using Cloudflare DNS nameservers (if that is even relevant). I cannot find any reference to this error code or any explanation of what it might mean anywhere, so I hope someone here can help. This is the first time I’ve seen this error so maybe it is some temporary thing?

It seems Analytics is having some issues at the moment. If the error persists, I’d open a support ticket.

Okay, thanks for your reply. If others are having the same issue I’ll just wait and hopefully a fix will be forthcoming. For such a great product for free I can’t complain much. Perhaps Cloudflare could consider making their errors a little less cryptic or provide better links to information to reduce support tickets in the future.

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