Failed to fetch dynamically imported module

I’m using sveltekit to distribute to pages and operate it.

However, errors such as “failed to fetch dynamically imported module” often occur in crawlbots.
I don’t know why, but the Crollbots are using the JS they called back on their previous visits.

Therefore, if you distribute pages through new commit and push, errors occur continuously.

In conclusion, the problem is when a new distribution of cloudflare pages emerges.
This error is thought to occur because it removes all script files that were previously deployed without caching them.

If anyone experiences the same problem as me and knows how to fix it, I’d like your help.

example error message

TypeError: Failed to fetch dynamically imported module: https://<domain>/_app/immutable/nodes/0.5cf62fb9.js

I also have received this error. What is the fix?