Failed to Create Argo Tunnel (Code: 1030)

i am using a bash script to automate Argo tunnel creation, i am using the cloudflare api.
However when i want to create a new tunnel with a specific name and secret i get the following response:

{ “success”: false, “errors”: [ { “code”: 1030, “message”: “Could not parse input. Json deserialize error: Invalid byte 125, offset 8. at line 1 column 45” } ], “messages”: , “result”: null }

I am using the following command to create the tunnel:
curl -s -X POST “${account_id}/tunnels” -H “Authorization: Bearer $(bashio::config ‘token’)” -H “Content-Type: application/json” --data '{“name”:"${name}",“tunnel_secret”:"${secret}"}'

Please note that whenever i use that same command from the Terminal the tunnel creation succeeds, this only happens when i want to run it from the bash script