Failed to collapsify....Missed semicolon

Hello There, we have facing the mentioned issue, after putting my domain behind proxied in Cloudflare without proxied or dns only mode its working fine, kindly help me out this issue

Thanks in advance!!!

Then Cloudflare is NOT the cause of the issue since it works with DNS ONLY mode enabled! Please contact your hosting provider for more help!

May I ask hve you tried disabling WordPress Autooptimize plugin? :thinking:

This issue only occurs when we enabled proxied mode, in DNS only mode its working fine so is there any possibility with proxy to blocking some pages.

And also we are reached to our hosting provider for this issue and they not found any issue with server-side

Hey fritex, its a laravel application, do you have any idea about this kind of issue.

Do you have CSS minification turned on in Cloudflare?

Yes its turned on, Do i need to turned off?

I suspect it could be causing the problems you’re experiencing. Could you try turning it off to see whether that resolves the issue?

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Hey albert, Thanks for your reply,

Have checked with it but no luck, still getting same.

Alright. I don’t know what could be the cause then, sorry. All I can suggest is, if you don’t absolutely need the plugin, that you disable it and use Cloudflare’s minification features instead.

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