Failed to change IPv6

I have recently changed servers and when trying to modify CouldFlare’s IPv6 DNS records with the new IPv6 address this error occurs:

This record type cannot be proxied. (Code: 9004)

This is the configuration:

Not allowing it to be proxied like it was before. This site that is not modified IPv6 address looks like this.

Why does this error occur? Can someone help. Thanks

That’s a private network address, like IPv4’s 192.168 range. Where did you get that address?

With the following command:

/sbin/ifconfig | grep inet6

How do i get public IPv6?

Try curl -6

But you really don’t need a AAAA record if you already have an “A” record.

I did not have the IPv6 address enabled in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eno1
You have added an IPv6 address and now you accept it. Thanks for your help

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