Failed to change hugo version

As the image attached below, I have environment setting HUGO_VERSION = 0.81.0, but it still installs the old hugo.

Hello jerryzihye,

I found a few things I hope will be helpful to push through this concern:

  1. Follow the: [Manual installation] guide that we provide, which will, give the following advice:

The Hugo GitHub repository contains pre-built versions of the Hugo command-line tool for various operating systems, which can be found on the Releases page

For more instruction on installing these releases, see Hugo’s install guide

  1. Per Hugo

Replace brew install hugo with brew install hugo --HEAD if you want the absolute latest in-development version.

I hope this helps you move past this error.

  • LS
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Hello Lisa,

According to the Known issues · Cloudflare Pages docs, it states that

Hugo builds automatically run an old version. To run the latest version of Hugo (for instance, 0.80.0), you’ll need to set an environment variable. Set HUGO_VERSION to 0.80.0 or the Hugo version of your choice.

which didn’t mention how to install the hugo command line tool.


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