Failed to add domain name, Unable to look up Registrar and Hosting Information

Attempting to add 4 domain names I registered yesterday, all of which give the error:
Failed to lookup registrar and hosting information of [website name] at this time. Please contact Cloudflare Support or try again later.

All of these domain names currently have no DNS Records, and are set to the default nameservers. I registered them at

I have registered websites from this provider before with no issue.
Any idea on what the issue could be?


That domain is registered under a TLD which is governed by the Freenom registry. Freenom currently experiences issues with their Whois service which prevents such domains from being added to Cloudflare. Freenom needs to fix that on their side. Unfortunately there is no ETA known for that.

It probably is best to register a proper domain instead. They already go for less than $10 a year.


Ah man, that’s a shame.
Well thanks for the help, I appreciate it!

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