Failed - Server Problem when downloading

Since I installed cloudflare users can’t download PDFs from my site, when you click download it says ‘Failed - Server problem’. They can do it using a workaround by clicking print and the ‘save as pdf’ but not ideal.

Strangely it doesn’t seem to be a problem in Mozilla Firefox but it is in Google Chrome and Edge.

Any ideas anyone?

What’s the URL where we can test this?


If I turn preview off in Chrome in my browser it downloads fine, but I can’t expect most users to do that.

I can not replicate this in Brave (Chrome) on MacOS or Chrome on Windows 10.

So it seems the issue is when users are logged in, would there be a caching issue with cloudflare for logged in users?

I wouldn’t expect it to be a Cloudflare caching issue. You’d have to use your browser’s Dev Tools (F12 in Chrome) to look at all the headers for that URL while logged in, and not logged in, then compare them.

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