Failed Domain Transfer - why?

I’m trying to transfer from LCN to Cloudflare (DNS is already with Cloudflare) But the transfer had failed with CloudFlare saying

" Unfortunately, your domain transfer request for {redacted} has been rejected by Ltd.

Why was your request denied? You will need to contact Ltd for that information."

LCN said it wasn’t an issue at their end so I contacted Nominet who said “I have checked the transfer and I can see that Cloudflare rejected the transfer”

Why is Cloudflare being so difficult?

Have you opened a ticket with the Registrar Team about this?

If not, go to and select get more help. Chosse the Registrar Support option and give the details there. Once you have a ticket number, please share that here.

Hi, the ticket number is 2357920

I’ve added that ticket to the escalation queue.

I’ve tried to do the transfer 4 times now. Support just said to try again but the transfer had failed again. And now Support is not responding. Why is it so difficult to transfer domains to Cloudflare? I’m a fan of Cloudflare but I am having second thoughts now.

LCN says it is not their fault.
Nominet says Cloudflare rejected the transfer.
Cloudflare blames LCN.

What is actually going on

If you’ve replied back to the ticket after trying it again then it will be in a queue, I imagine it will have to go to the Registrar Engineering Team for review. I’ll check on it when someone from Registrar Support is on later.

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Do you have more than 10 days of registration left?

For some reason, Cloudflare have this rule and it’s not mentioned on the transfer screen.

It’s really annoying they have this rule, especially for .uk domains which can be transfered at any point even when expired, but Cloudflare wont allow it.