Failed: DNS error: Host unknown | Need Solution | Lost All of my Ranking

I’m using Cloudflare more than 4 years and I’ve never encountered any issue like this one before. My website was ranking on top of some major keywords with more than 3 million traffic and my position was 4th/1st page. It was 7th day of ranking and I was getting great traffic but on 23-Dec-2022 / 11:pm my position was 6th.1st page which was not new for me because position changing was happening on daily basis but I was holding the 4th and 6th position but on 24-Dec-2022 / 2:am when I checked my position I was vanished. There was no sign of my website in google. I checked my search console There was no error in it. I was getting more then 60k users daily and suddenly everything was gone.

I checked my website but it was working fine and loading speed was also great with 0 downtime. After digging for hours I found his error when I run the " Live Test" in search console for my home page.

I don’t know What is this and why this happened to me and It’s been 1 day and I’ve lost all of my traffic with no sign of my website. After countless hours of research now I’m writing this issue to Cloudflare community and its experts. Please help if anyone know what is this issue and why it happened and what is the solution. Because I do not want to face this issue again.

and one more thing, after that I purchased a domain from name cheap and build a simple WordPress website and changed its nameserver but after more than 11 hours when I placed that domain in search console, I was facing the same issue with that domain too.

I noticed that the issue was gone after few hours and I was able to submit my sitemap and pages in search console again. But I need to understand why and how I lost my all of rankings?

Can anyone please help me with that?

Please post the domain name(s).

I do not want to share it publically… can I send you in PM or any other way ?

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