"Failed: build exceeded memory limit and was terminated"

Good morning!

We recently started getting the “build exceeded memory limit and was terminated” error that has been cropping up. Some failing build IDs are:

  • 51fbcba9-dbaf-40fd-ad49-3d3d738395d2
  • f713bbb5-eaab-4958-9fcf-ee705fd80dbf
  • e65302b8-087c-421d-8ded-26ee7f8e1624

We have tried reduce concurrency settings in our builds, and reducing Node memory in an env variable, as well as setting GENERATE_SOURCEMAP and CI to false, with no change.

One solution that seems to be working for people is to have our account opted out of the recent infrastructure changes. Is this a possibility for us? Is there another solution that we’re not aware of?


The ticket #3253128 has been solved with the following note:

The infrastructure changes you are referencing were quite a long time ago and shouldn’t be relevant here. There wouldn’t really be any solutions on our end for the current memory usage limits being hit.

I would recommend checking out gatsby’s documentation on reducing memory usage here Resolving Out-of-Memory Issues | Gatsby if you haven’t already. Hopefully that helps assist with the current memory usage.

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