Failed: Blocked due to access forbidden (403)


I’ve a ePaper ( that shows error of Page Fetch : Blocked due to access forbidden (403) while trying to inspect URL in the Google Search Console. I’m unable to understand the actual cause of the issue. I have also blocked few countries to Challenge. But disabling the rules still does not effect the 403 error to disappear from Google Search Console.

Hi @waqaspuri,

I would suggest that you check the Ray ID of these requests. You may check the Ray ID using your browser developer tools. You should find the Ray ID in the Network tab. If you click each request you should be able to see the Ray ID under Response Headers.

After copying the Ray ID you may filter your Security Events to check if Cloudflare is blocking the request.

You may learn more about it here.

I hope this helps, but please let me know if you need further assistance.

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I have the same issue of @waqaspuri and I checked my WAF rules too. Nothing changes even by disabling every rule. I tried with the suggestion of @malmeida but I do not see any google search console related request in the network section after making an indexing request.

am able to resolve it by removing the WAF rules. it was due to the WAF rule.

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After disabling the WAF rules, how much time did you wait (if you did) before attempting a new indexing request?

I took around 1 hr and after that it started to work fine

Ok, thank you. Have you re-enabled the rules with a specific rule for google search console or after re-enabling the rules indexing attempts kept working fine?