[Failed: an internal error occurred] while deploying

I can see this error in the logs of all my new deployments, not an error on our side for sure.

22:03:59.426	Success: Finished cloning repository files
22:04:00.807	Failed: an internal error occurred

I would bring this up in the Discord Server, there are staff of the pages team who will be able to dig into their side.

The Discord server is absolutely the best way to get in touch quickly with the Pages team! :slight_smile:

This is most commonly seen with git repos that have private submodules though - so I’d double check if you have any of those first.

Awesome, I’ll ask there then, thanks

Solved by the amazing Pages team! In my case, I had a special character on my ENV variable

MY_ENV_VAR= by MY_ENV_VAR (notice = at the end)

fixed the problem

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