Failed: An internal error occurred. If this persists, please contact support:"

My project keeps getting “Failed: An internal error occurred. If this persists, please contact support:” . But I need to know more accurate error information, but I am very distressed that my project cannot be deployed

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This is the project ID: 3b28d19eb50ef72f164520ed6aa829e3e8589960

Is this a Pages project? If so, what’s the

Can you disclose to me the exact errors that occurred on the project?

Hi, we are facing the same issue since this morning, what was the solution?

There is no solution yet because I don’t know the specific error message.

Did the team respond at all? have you tried a help ticket or discord?

The team is here and is looking :slight_smile:

Please share your and preferably also any deployment IDs for the failed builds (when viewing a deployment, the UUID at the end of the URL is the deployment ID)

Im having this issue as well

Deployment ID: 7ccbd16b-f6ea-4c4a-8dd6-2362b4c6761d This internal error has cost me hundreds of hours. I hope you can give me the specific error message.

@Walshy Any update on this? We didnt change anything to our build process and it just stopped working with this unhelpful error

hey my friend can you see

hi I really need your help now. Can you please help me?

My project keeps getting “Failed: An internal error occurred. If this persists, please contact support:” .

This problem has been bothering me for a week, and my project has been unable to deploy normally. I would like to know the exact error message, but there is nothing I can do.

Deployment ID:7ccbd16b-f6ea-4c4a-8dd6-2362b4c6761d

hi! were investigating the issue. please refrain from directly tagging in multiple comments. we will get back to you soon. thanks!

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Last week we started seeing our pages build step time increase by about 15 minutes with no code changes to warrant such a jump. This results in the project exceeding the Cloudflare Pages build time limit and failing. I’ve run tets locally, in Vercel, and Jenkins as a comparison to validate that claim.

Vercel Production build duration: 24:38
Local Production build duration: 22:12
Jenkins Production build duration: 21:28

Kind of at a loss as to what is going on or how to resolve this issue, any help or insight would be appreciated.

Now the build error message has changed to “Failed: Build exceeded memory limit and was aborted”, can you tell me if a single html file is too large or if my entire project is too large?

My project does not have this problem when deployed locally and on vercel, but the build exceeds the memory limit on cloudflare. Does my project fall outside the Cloudflare free plan? If upgrading the plan can solve the problem please let me know and I will upgrade the plan