Fail to access website

Fail to access the website which is protected by Cloudflare Access and it shows the below message when access the website after enter email code. And the log shown irrelevant ip address information from the logs > Access. Please advise.

Invalid login session. Please try going to the URL of your application.

I am having the same issue. The 2 other users for my domain are not having the same issue.
This is what I have found, when I request a code, it take a little longer to receive it but when I enter the code I get the error. In the Cloudflare logs, it shows “Access Granted” but my IP address logged is incorrectly.
I have tried from 3 different PCs, 2 of them were offsite (remote access), MS Edge, Firefox and Chrome and it never logs the same IP address.
I cleared tracker data, cache and verified on external sites that my public IP reports properly there.
This makes zero sense.

Me as well…Not how I wanted to start my day. Commenting here in case it helps send me the answer.

Not how I wanted to finish up my day before a vacation. LOL

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