Facing the legendry issue: There was a problem loading this website

Its been a whole month since i moved from shopify to Cloudflare. initially i taughts that jetpack is creating issue with Cloudflare because wen ever i turn on my proxy, it showed the below issue

i got frustrated and going through communcity and found out that tons of people are facing the same issues, all cuz Shopify isn’t releasing the account and why would they, they are loosing the business.

anyhow, after spening soo much time on their non productive support, i mailed Cloudflare, but guess what Cloudflare doesn’t provide free support

i have seen people esclating the issue if ticket is shared here. so thats why i am here. i know the problem, i know the solution, but want help to implement the solution.

my ticket number is 2530511

please escalate it as i am damn frustrated due to this issue.

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