Facing Problem with My Site!

Hello i guys i am running website mangazuki.online with paid wordpress theme. The problem is that my site is down in every 20-30 minutes and the performance of my site is very very slow. Before 1 month the site performance is awesome fast loading posts and pages. I also on the ddos protection because I thought someone is attacking on my site but still the site is going down. I don’t know where’s the problem, So i thought to post my issue there. Please help me

Thanks in advanced!

Okay, I took a look at your website. For comment section you use Discus, yes? And meanwhile you have Sign Up and Sign In options from wordpress? And that’s only for bookmark purpose?

My suggestion:

  1. It might be an overkill to use Wordpress for such a site? Maybe switch to a static site generator like Pelican instead? I know it can be a hassle since you have a lot of images and mangas. But when you use wordpress it will take time to generate the page every time a visitor visits a page when queries are made to the database at the same time. Queries only for bookmark purpose, your admin purpose and generating the pages can add greatly to your server load. It will benefit you to use a static site generator, with which users will get html pages from the server directly without queries to the database. What’s more, you can preprocess the text-based files like css, js, pages in .br(for brotli format) or .gz (for gzip format) and configure options like brotli_static on, then the compressed contents will be directly served to the clients with the devices surpporting the format, saving a lot of bandwidthes.
  2. Utilize the cache, at least for the images, expiration of 1 year could be good as you probably won’t update them.
  3. I have to say, Cloudflare CDN slows down the loading time of the dynamic contents and Time To The First Byte generally. Avoid the CDN if you want quicker speed. If you stick to the CDN, at least set a long edge cache time for your images (I believe the max you can set is a month, in this way, your images won’t get revalidated so often, which also results in heavier server loads and slower speed).
  4. Your site is image-heavy, so maybe use a CDN for the images which will decrease the heavy loads for the server? CDN for images behind the Cloudflare CDN can be faster solution for you. Maybe you can use Github Pages to implement this which is a cheap solution (Do note Github Pages have a limit of 10GB bandwidth every month and 1 GB storage for each repository, so also implement long time Edge Cache for them)?

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