Facing problem while using DNS proxy

Hi there,

We have some services that are running on our LIVE IP. To hide our LIVE IP from public, we purchase a domain and registered the Cloudflare DNS. We thought by using the proxy of Cloudflare, we will be able to hide our LIVE IP from the public.

After integrating our domain with Cloudflare DNS successfully, we run the application. The application we want to run through the domain is a communication server (Grand stream IP PBX System)

Step By Step process:

  • Our actual port for communication link is: 8090

When we change the proxy status to “Proxied”, the application doesn’t work. Its gives error “Unable to connect to Server”

  • When we use alternative port 2096 as opened by Cloudflare, the Web application and Desktop application works fine, but the Mobile application doesn’t work.

Can you please help us to use the Port 8090 & 8777, so that we can run our Web, desktop & Mobile application while enabling your proxy services.

Your prompt response will be highly appreciated.


Hassan Javaid

Is this just for HTTP traffic?

If so, then easiest is to setup a subdomain instead for each application and use them as normal. Then use origin rules to get Cloudflare to connect to your origin on the preferred port…

If the traffic is not HTTP (such as VoIP), then the only way to proxy it is to use Spectrum…

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I tried to contact Cloudflare regarding their Spectrum Services. The spectrum services are only available for the Enterprize Plan. But they didn’t explain how it works. They straight away shared a huge cost for the solution USD3000 Per Month. we can’t spend so much money on this as It’s a huge cost for us.

We only want to use the TCP/UDP traffic proxy services to get our specific port open. The Enterprise plan has many features which we don’t want. We are unable to find how to get only TCP/UDP traffic proxy service without getting other enterprise features.

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