Facing problem in domain hosting

Hi, I HV domain from namecheap and wanted to setup domain hosting on cloud flare. There was domain hosting done by my old vendor and he has done from his own account for my domain.I got details that my vendor has not yet deleted older hosting records - CNAME and A record. Hence I am not able to setup my hosting. My vendor has done this earlier hosting on cloudlare from his account. I have changed all my site content and wanted to do new hosting. Can some one assist me how I can delete old records as I am not able to find login details from vendor .

Have you set up your own account here and tried to add your own domain? What you describe is pretty much the article below which doesn’t require any action from the previous Cloudflare account. Note that your site is probably hosted elsewhere with Cloudflare only providing DNS and proxy services for the existing site.

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