Facing issues with Cloudflare and Visualizer plugin graphs

Hi, we are using Cloudflare with one of our website’s sub-directory. We are also using Visualizer plugin to show the graphs and charts on our webpages. Everything was going fine then suddenly our charts/graphs stopped loading on the pages. We contacted the plugin support and they are saying that something has been changed at Cloudflare end so we disabled the Cloudflare for smaller period and actually graphs/charts started loading after disabling the Cloudflare. So my question is: has really something been changed at your end which is conflicting with the Visualizer plugin?

Please help. Thanks in advance.

Can you try disabling RocketLoader (if enabled0 and see if that makes a difference?

hi cscharff, thanks for replying to my query. But the thing is that I can see the LazyLoader (enable/disable) option but not the RocketLoader option. We have the site hosted on DreamHost and we don’t have a separate panel for Cloudflare.

If your zone is on Cloudflare (even through a partner) there is an account and additional management settings on Cloudflare.

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